Lock by Jordan Elizabeth

Lock by Jordan Elizabeth
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 427 KB

Sarah Lockwood learned to be self-sufficient when she lost her parents. Life with her aunt on the Renaissance Fair circuit seemed exciting at first, but there was no stability.
Her uncle’s gardener, Archer, offers her a trip to another Realm and she jumps at the chance. The parallel world is filled with magic, machines, and beauty. The two are tasked with guarding an enchanted pen that records important events.

However, Archer has been keeping secrets that endanger not only himself but Sarah, too. He is a member of a rebellion against the Usurper King.
When Archer is kidnapped, Sarah must unravel Archer’s secrets, and every discovery shows Sarah no one is blameless in that magical Realm. Making life and death decisions at nineteen is not what she wants to do, but Sarah either chooses a side or her new home will be nothing except ashes.

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