Looks Could Kill by David Ellis

Looks Could Kill by David Ellis
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 396 KB

Emma Jones has an unusual ability which becomes apparent at her christening when the vicar drops dead. Her mother recognises that something is amiss and is convinced that her baby is evil.
Emma struggles to reconcile her potentially lethal ability with wanting to pursue a career in medicine. But others are already watching her and deciding her future.
As a junior doctor, she realises that some patients’ deaths were probably due to her. She becomes a consultant and starts to make use of her ability to stop suffering.
Those that have been watching her step in, but they’re up against the powerful Armstrong Industries which has other ideas about using her ability. A stay at MI5’s research centre sets the scene for a new career outside medicine and her ability is stretched to the limit when she receives a call to resolve a crisis at the London Zoo involving an autistic renegade and ten gorillas.

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