Lord Banshee Lunatic by Russell Redman

Lord Banshee Lunatic by Russell Redman (Nightmare Wars #3)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 450 KB

We are trapped on the Moon.
The Martian Imperium has seized power and the Moon cannot shelter us for long. If we are captured, I will face Martian justice as the Ghost. Leilani will be tortured to death as the Ghost Wife. The rest of the team will be executed as Ghost Followers. We must escape to the Earth, the only place large enough to hide us. But how?
A genocidal nuclear war seems inevitable.

We are surrounded by the war fleets of the Imperium whose internal rivalries are as old and bitter as their contempt for the Earth. The Emperor has sent his children as Viceroys for the Earth and Moon. I know in horrifying detail what will happen if they attempt to enforce Martian justice on either planet.
I am not the Ghost who terrorized Mars.
But I am the same man and will bring to the task every resource I still command. I can be pushed in a wheelchair. If necessary, I can crawl away from trouble, dragging my medical field station behind me. I only break down in shrieking fits of terror occasionally. I know how to unlock doors. I have incredible nightmares that warn of the overwhelming danger.

I am on a Mission and I have a Plan.
I refuse to despair. To counter the military might of the Imperium, my Plan is simple: I will follow the narrow Path of Justice wherever it leads. I will listen for every opportunity, pull every string, chase every desperate chance. Our own strength is not enough. To survive, we are going to have to befriend our enemies while they try to kill us.
It is a Lunatic plan and our only hope.

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