Mad Amos Malone: The Complete Stories by Alan Dean Foster

Mad Amos Malone: The Complete Stories by Alan Dean Foster
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 1.7 MB

Strange things lurk up in the mountains and out in the plains and deserts of the West, but few are as unique as the giant mountain man named Amos Malone, who some call “Mad Amos”—though not to his face. Atop his unnatural steed, Worthless, Mad Amos is prepared to step into any fray and set things right, albeit in his own unusual way.
Now all of his uncanny exploits—including the brand-new story “Stuck”—are collected together for the first time. For this special edition, Alan Dean Foster has also penned original introductions to the series and to each individual adventure.

Stories included:
Wu-Ling’s Folly
Witchen Woes
The Chrome Comanche
Agrarian Deform
Having Words
What You See…
Neither a Borrower Be…
The Purl of the Pacific
Free Elections
Ghost Wind
Claim Blame
Holy Jingle
A Treefold Problem
A Mountain Man and a Cat Walk into a Bar…

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