Mage Marine Misfits by Derek Wallace

Mage Marine Misfits by Derek Wallace (Mage Marine Misfits #1)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 283 KB

A Squad of Renegades. Forced to Work Together. Sent on a Suicide Mission.
The high brass of the Galactic Federation is in turmoil. One of their most dangerous weapons has just been stolen by Martian rebels. They need a way to get it back before it’s activated and wipes them all out of existence. But who can they trust with this impossible task?

Jaime Pravin Hall is a veteran soldier to the Federation. After a botched experiment that was to grant him magical powers but left him with severe brain tumors, he’s offered a deal: join the mission as the team’s leader and he’ll get the treatment he needs to stay alive.
This new team is made up of expendable recruits that can be sacrificed, if not to retrieve this weapon of mass destruction, at least to destroy it in a kamikaze effort. A team of people among which: a drueed, a seer, a robotic mad scientist and an elementalist.

Jaime will have to take those strong individualities, shape them into a cohesive group, and get them ready for action. But as they embark on this suicide mission, they soon find that there might be an even worse threat looming: a dangerous virus that changes people and turns them into monsters.
The team will need everyone’s peculiar talents to make it out of there alive. Clock is ticking, for they might be the universe’s last hope. They, the band of pariahs. The Mage Marine Misfits!

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