Magic of The Mortokai by D.G. Palmer

Magic of The Mortokai: The Third Chronicle of Daniel Welsh by D.G. Palmer (The Chronicles of Daniel Welsh #3)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 415 KB

After a devastating personal loss, can a young mage find balance before his actions turn fatal?
Daniel Welsh can only escape his grief in dreams. Experiencing visions of his slain girlfriend while he sleeps, the half-faerie teen clings to a glimmer of hope after the Archmage Gydion hints of a way to resurrect her. But with his prestigious academy’s cutthroat culture putting him under intense pressure, he fears chasing clues will only lead him deeper into darkness…

Egged-on by his classmates at Hartfield Mage Academy to chase a magical drug-like high, Daniel is shocked when he’s attacked by his taunting half-brother who claims to hold the dead girl’s spirit captive. And with stress and panic pushing him to pursue a euphoric release, the powerful youth’s lack of control could plunge the world around him into chaos.

Can Daniel reverse fate before temptation sends him down a dark path?

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