Massen by C.P. James

Massen by C.P. James
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 392 KB

This was as far as Massen could go to escape his old life. The Shatter: all that remains of a moon that had once orbited the system’s fifth planet. A cold, dark and empty place. A good place to hide proscribed technologies. The discovery makes Massen a hunted man. Not because of what he knows or has seen, but because of what he is becoming. The technology is changing him. He is slowly becoming more machine than man. A machine able to control not only the machines around him, but people too.

There is someone out there who once destroyed civilisation to keep this technology for themselves. After two thousand years their grip on the system is absolute. They will burn cities and destroy worlds to stop him. Massen will need an army to challenge them. He will need an army just to stay alive.

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