Master of Shadows by E.A. Copen

Master of Shadows by E.A. Copen
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 265 KB

A thief, a queen, and a quest that will change the world.
Shadow fae Finn O’Leary doesn’t care about faerie politics except when it provides an opportunity to fill his pockets. The fabled Speaking Stones he spent the last year gathering could set him up for life, if only he could get his hands on the last one. Unfortunately, it rests behind enemy lines in a literal realm of nightmares. Worse, the powerful fae monarchs he’s already robbed are closing in on his position. Fast.
Remy Kerrigan never wanted to be the Summer Queen. The half-fae offspring of one of the Four Horsemen, people have been trying to kill her for years. Since the shadowy blight invaded her lands, her position has become more precarious than ever. If she doesn’t find a way to stop it from spreading famine and sickness throughout the Summer, her people will revolt. Desperate to stop the blight and keep her head off the chopping block, she’s ready to accept help from anywhere—even from a thief.

She needs a hero willing to cross into Shadow. He needs a way home. Can the two of them work together to save Faerie, or will their enemies and selfish desires derail their quest before it ever gets off the ground?

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