Mayhem: Demigod Daughter Awakened by E.V. Borjon

Mayhem: Demigod Daughter Awakened by E.V. Borjon
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 258 KB

Her life was a lie. Death is probable. Why not die as a demigod?
Besides the hallucinations, Elia Martinez is a normal Texas teenager who just wants to fit-in, avoid a relentless school bully, and make her parents happy. None she does very well. Whatever. At least Ethan, her best friend, has her back – most of the time.
After her wild hallucinations end up being all too real, she learns of deadly family secrets, hidden mythical worlds, and her true heritage. Now she must decide to hide as a Mundane or embrace her Arcane demigod birthright. A birthright passed to her by a father she never knew. All she needs to figure out now is how to save the life of someone she loves before time runs out. It’s not like life isn’t hard enough as an aimless, anti-social teenager.

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