Memory Exercises Unleashed by John Market (ePUB)

Memory Exercises Unleashed: Top 12 Memory Exercises To Remember Work And Life In 24 Hours With The Definitive Memory Exercises Guide by John Market
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**We’ve included tried and true brain training methods for guaranteed improvement of memory retention!**
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I’m happy you’re taking the time to look at this book – it shows that you’re really committed to improving memory retention. It also shows that you value optimal brain health, deterring memory loss conditions, and remembering the little things in life. And that last piece is the stimulus for writing this book. You see, I forget the simple things like when appointments are, what the script to my presentation is, phone numbers, and what my special someone said to me. And, wow, does that person get upset! I say to them, “Yes, I was listening. Yes, I do care about you.” But far too often I remember what they said, go on to another task, and then simply forget it! This happened too often so I decided to use memory exercises to make life better. And the benefits are vast. For example, one can avoid being overwhelmed by too much information, feel less stressed, and be less distracted. Excel in test prep without sleepless nights. Avoid embarrassing reminders about important events. What you have coming in the following chapters are tried and true, field tested, real world solutions for memory retention. If you apply even a fraction of the material covered here, your memory will be improved by tomorrow morning. Believe that!
In “Memory Exercises Unleashed: Top 12 Memory Exercises To Remember Work and Life In 24 Hours With The Definitive Memory Exercises Guide!” you will have practical, small, yet powerful means to make life unforgettable. And this is where the book truly shines. You can implement these strategies in minutes and repeat them as often as you want. Do them with other people. Teach your employees. Make them bonding experiences with loved ones. These are yours to use and master. So move ahead, read on, and remember… make your life unforgettable!

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