Memory Manipulation by T. Whitmore (ePUB)

Memory Manipulation: How to Train Your Brain to Think Faster, Concentrate More, and Remember Anything by T. Whitmore
English | 2016 | Non-fiction, Self-Help | 0.4 MB

Memory Manipulation
Learn Memory Improvement and Boost Your Brain Power
Do you consider yourself forgetful and need help in improving your memory? Are you worried because you have trouble concentrating and tend to forget even the simplest things?
Whether you’re already in your twilight years and is already experiencing memory lapses, or you just want to improve your memory to do better in school or at work, the good thing is that you have the ability to increase your brain’s ability no matter what age you are! Several studies show that the brain has the ability called neuroplasticity where it can adapt to change no matter what age you are. That means, even if you start training your brain as an adult, your memory can still be improved; and I will show you how to remember anything with this book.

Here are a Few Things You Will Learn From This Book:
Causes of Memory Loss
Memory Improvement Techniques
Things You Can Do to Keep Improving Memory and Prevent Memory Loss
Visualization and Association
10 Foods that Improve the Memory
And much more!!

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  1. this site is great 😕 but this link for this book doesn’t work badly . 😥

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