Missy Goes to Hong Kong by P.G. Allison

Missy Goes to Hong Kong by P.G. Allison (Missy the Werecat #8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 377 KB

While busy at West Point, Missy continues helping her government friends deal with terrorists, mob wars and evil witches from overseas. But, with all that going on, maybe she’s picked the wrong time to take over the New England werewolf pack.

Of course, whenever anyone takes advantage of women, Missy will always step up. One thing will lead to another. Soon, she’ll need to develop yet another ability to handle everything and deal with all those aligned against her.

Fortunately, she also has all those friends helping her. Missy loves playing on a team and with their help, she just might manage to win. Even if that means going to Hong Kong to claim her victory.

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