Monster of Men by Charlotte A Wynn

Monster of Men by Charlotte A Wynn (The Reaper’s Lament #1)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 318 KB

Ignite the timeless struggle between monster and man…
The words of an ancient promise taunt Kato, tempting him with an opportunity for the revenge and the glory he knows he deserves. His brother, Jak, however, urges him to do what the rest of the leaders of the forest’s major rural settlements have done for generations – let the secret remain.
The threat that lurks in the darkest corners of the woods doesn’t claim the lives it once did, now forgotten to time or denied entirely by politics and fear. A journey to find the very thing sustaining its existence would inevitably result in war, especially with the city’s ever-increasing suspicion and surveillance of the open forest.

But Kato grows restless with his enforced silence, disowning his brother and their camp in a bold attempt to trigger the events ordained by their forebears. The cryptic verse hints of a divide and most importantly, a child, and when it is discovered that Kato’s partner, Lylí, is pregnant, Kato’s delusional quest suddenly holds threatening promise.
The shadows, however, will not give up their secrets lightly…

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