Montague & Strong Short Stories by Orlando A. Sanchez

Montague & Strong Short Stories by Orlando A. Sanchez
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 239 KB

No God is Safe: A Dangerous Client. An Impossible Case. An Offer He Should’ve Refused.
The Supernaturals are destroying humanity.
Children have gone missing in NYC.
Detective Simon Strong takes on what he thinks is a routine case-get proof of a spouse’s infidelity. When he digs deeper, he stumbles onto the trail of the missing children, but what he discovers shatters his concepts of reality.
Tristan Montague is a mage on the run. Hiding from his sect and banned from the magical societies, he follows a trail of missing children to NYC. Now, together with Simon, they must prevent more abductions and stop those responsible for the disappearances.
They will face an enemy unlike any other-hungry for power and willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Will they locate the missing children? Will they reveal the power behind the abductions and stop them?

The Date: He was single and free- she had other ideas.
Meet Simon Strong, an immortal detective about to enjoy a night out on the town. He’s planned this date for weeks and tonight is the night.
When Tristan Montague, Simon’s partner and resident cranky mage advises Simon against this course of action, Simon declares his freedom to see whomever he chooses. There’s only one problem. Her name is Michiko and she doesn’t share well.
Join Simon as he attempts to enjoy a pleasant evening, away from magic and angry creatures of the night. Only to find himself on the run as creatures of the night attempt to eliminate him and his date.
Will he make it through the evening? Will he survive the Date?

The War Mage: Haunted. Despised. Feared.
The Supernaturals are destroying humanity.
Meet Tristan Montague. Leader of the elite group of mages known as the Ordarum.
The war against the Supernaturals has raged for years and humanity is losing.
When the Ordarum is given a suicide mission to recover an artifact that can end the war and hand victory to humanity-Tristan takes it, knowing it may be his last.
Now, together with his squad, they must face an unspeakable enemy, overwhelming odds, and secure an ultimate weapon-or die trying.

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