Monument by Ian Graham (ePUB)

Monument by Ian Graham
English | 2006 | Fantasy | 2.3 MB

Ballas is a drunk and a vagrant. In his eyes there is only greed, and in his heart only bitterness. Such a man is not suited to legend, he is fit only for an unmarked grave. And there are people who seek to hasten his journey there.
When a young priest saves him from a beating in the street, Ballas soon finds a way to pay him back – he steals from him.
What Ballas chooses to take can easily be hidden under a cloak, but it is no trinket to be sold in the market for a bowl of soup. It is known as the Monument. And the power it contains will bring a god of chaos and destruction into the world. Now Ballas has that power . . .
MONUMENT is a masterpiece of storytelling – a new classic of fantasy fiction, now in ebook for the first time.

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