Moon Maidens by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox

Moon Maidens by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 397 KB

After crossing paths with the Golem of Prague, Samantha Moon and the gang continue their whirlwind European tour…
Last stop: Greece.

Now on the final leg of their trip through Europe, Samantha Moon and company find themselves on a pristine beach in Zakynthos. Tammy Moon is happy. After all, this is her daughter’s idea of a vacation.
That is, until the winged air maidens recognize Tammy’s enchanted necklace and think she might be able to help them. Similar to the mermaids of the sea, the air maidens live in the sky… and they are being hunted by an evil sorcerer to power his devious magic.

Samantha flashes her own dark wings and heads out to help them. The gang soon follows behind, and what had started as a rescue mission turns into the fight of their lives. The final stop on their European vacation might just be their last stop… ever.

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