Murder Envy by Adam Greyson

Murder Envy by Adam Greyson
English | 2017 | Thriller & Suspense | ePUB | 113 KB

Jack Czacki had murdered 88,766 people. This was his resume: six examples of mass murder, spread over 7 months and across six American cities.
The FBI had assigned Special Agent Edna Karume to the case. As an immigrant from East Africa, eliminating her foreign accent had proved difficult enough. Now, as a minority female, she had to prove herself by solving the highest profile case in the nation’s history.
Until Czacki had placed his phone call to Karume, they had known him only by the nickname “Minion.” Until that phone call, the FBI had no solid clues other than the fact that each mass murder was done on a holiday. Now, Czacki’s cryptic hint about “evaporation” and “sequestered dark minions” was all they knew in order to stop the next mass murder.
But Jack Czacki had left other clues that would prove obvious after they were discovered. Those clues were part of his resume. They would tell the people he wanted to work for that he was capable of working on their level of mass murder—the level of conquerors.

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