Murder in Deep Regret by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Deep Regret by Anne Cleeland
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 423 KB

A shocking death at St. Michael’s Church pitches Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle into a confusing case–one where the motive for the crime is not at all clear, and only becomes less so as the investigation unearths a massive criminal enterprise.
Why was the murder of such a famous man necessary? And why does Doyle have the sense that the killer had to steel himself to commit the crime?

Once again, Doyle has to keep a wary eye on her husband, Chief Inspector Acton, as she ponders these strange events; Acton may protest his innocence but she knows–in the way she knows things–that he’s harboring a secret, which does not bode well for her peace of mind. . .

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