Murder in Somerset by Frances Evesham (ePUB, MOBI)

Murder in Somerset: Exham on Sea Mysteries 1-3 by Frances Evesham
English | 2017 | Mystery | 1.3 MB

A body on the beach. Two poisoned cyclists. A dead man on Glastonbury Tor.
The people of Exham on Sea love newcomer Libby Forest’s cakes, but hate her investigations into their past.
In Murder on the Lighthouse, Murder on the Levels and Murder on the Tor, collected together in a boxed set, recently widowed Libby risks the wrath of her Somerset neighbours to investigate a series of murders in the small close-knit seaside town.

Murder at the Lighthouse
Everyone in town knows the ageing rock star under the lighthouse, but only Libby seems to care how she died.

Murder on the Levels
Two cyclists die at a picnic. Did Frank the baker poison them, or could Libby’s chocolates be to blame?

Murder on the Tor
A sinister mist, a silent child, a string of ancient amber beads and a dead photographer on mysterious Glastonbury Tor set Libby on the trail of a present-day murder with roots deep in the past.

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