Murder On Vancouver Island by Kathy Garthwaite

Murder On Vancouver Island by Kathy Garthwaite
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 612 KB

The peace of a frosty morning is shattered when a man finds a colleague’s battered body. Detective Inspector William Gibson of the Vancouver Island police investigates…
The victim is found by a maintenance worker on the university campus. Despite being brutally murdered, there is a little other evidence; just a blood-spattered baseball bat and a condom placed under the body.
When the police discover that the victim, Robbie Spencer, was a closet homosexual, DI Gibson becomes convinced it was a hate crime.

However, co-workers are apparently nonplussed by the events, regarding the investigating officers with suspicion and disdain. Is the perpetrator one of them?
Gibson concentrates on a party held at the university the night before, one that he in fact attended. A fight had broken out between the guests. Can the two events be linked?

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