Murder to Go by Susan D. Baker (ePUB)

Murder to Go by Susan D. Baker (The Heights Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mystery #1) 
English | Cozy Mystery | EPUB | 132 Kb

Carolyn Jacobsen never considered her self a sleuth before the day her husband Karl, the chef of The Heights Bed and Breakfast, was framed for murder. The victims, guests of The Heights, were discovered by the water’s edge of Grey Fox Lake. The police determined that a sandwich, contained within a lunchbox prepared by Karl, poisoned them. Carolyn’s life was already in turmoil since losing her home months ago. Having to depend on the hospitality of her daughter and son-in-law, she will use her wits to hunt down the true killer. Will it be enough to prove to the police that the man she loves is innocent?

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