My Better Half by M.M. Boulder

My Better Half by M.M. Boulder
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 778 KB

Till Death Do Us Part…
Docile and meek Lucille Stevenson has never had an anger problem. Until now. Everything and everyone is making her see red, especially her condescending husband of thirty years. She desperately wants to kill him, and it terrifies her.

Attacked during a home invasion, Lucille finds an unexpected outlet for her rage. Killing. Afterwards she feels lighter, in control, reborn, and she begins making her own decisions, having opinions, becoming her true self, much to the disapproval of her husband. But even though she’s freeing herself from a lifetime of repressive chains, the anger hasn’t gone away. And it wants to be fed.

To maintain her tenuous control, Lucille starts playing a dangerous game, unaware that a relentless detective is closing in. But she can’t stop. Killing bad people is the only thing keeping her from strangling her husband.
Can Lucille find a way to preserve her newfound freedom, or will she lose everything to her burning rage?

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