Mystic Vengeance by Kell Inkston

Mystic Vengeance by Kell Inkston (Soot Knight #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 490 KB

With one deranged government checked off the list, it’s time to make good on the score and return to Effie’s homewood, where the beginnings of a civil war is kin and country. What they find is much more than they bargained for, as the reaches of the insect gods take hold even here.

Mort’s never seen so many pretty lights in his life, but to Effie nothing’s more harrowing than seeing her traitors again. A cold reception flares hot immediately as Mort and Effie are once again put under fire for their grievous actions in the human lands, and they have skilled executioners hunting for them around every bough and borrow. Effie has to come to terms with the Stellar Estate’s betrayal before the fires of revenge burn too hot; can she find it in her heart or will she destroy more than her adversaries?

Amidst this massive yet pint-sized drama, Mort continues to slip into the clutches of a certain god of limitless fury and retribution. Does he call on the power of the swamp pantheon, or will he risk it with his humanity?

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