Nara: The Complete Apocalyptic Saga by M. L. Buchman (ePUB)

Nara: The Complete Apocalyptic Saga by M. L. Buchman
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | 896 KB

The Crash and Smash destroyed the most feared race in history. All but one.
Ri, the child warrior: Born of the shattered streets of Nara, Japan. Where books burn to heat the night.
The modern world: Ruled with the iron fist of the Second Human Genome Project.
Her rescue: Exposes humanity to the greatest warrior of the modern age. The likes of which it can no longer control.
When the Earth died. The moon melted to glass. Humanity reached for the stars, but too late!
Mankind’s last refuge lies aboard an unfinished colony ship to the stars. Seven biosphere habitats. Ten thousand people. Too little time.
Ri stands alone against death for all. Bryce, the clone of the world’s cruelest dictator, tends bar and hides from his past. Their only chance is in to work together. But they have to hurry, before they’re both caught by THE NARA EFFECT.

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