New Dawn by Riley Curts

New Dawn by Riley Curts
English | 2018 | Thriller & Suspense | ePUB | 302 KB

She witnessed her best friend’s murder. Now they want her.
Grief-stricken and on the brink of losing the boat she’s recently acquired, scrappy former boxer Dawn Devon reluctantly agrees to charter a cruising course even though she’s still learning the ropes herself.
With a first mate she detests and a passenger list reminiscent of Gilligan’s island, Dawn figures things can’t possibly get worse.
But Dawn figures wrong. She’s the only witness to her best friend’s murder and the killers have Dawn in their sights.
Danger lurks below the surface in the Florida Keys and things are about to get very rough for Dawn and the passengers she has onboard.
With the lives of so many innocents at risk, can she find the strength within to save them all?

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