New Shoes by B.C. Palmer

New Shoes by B.C. Palmer
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 473 KB

Portland is about to get a lot weirder.
A sudden influx of warlocks, a series of bizarre murders, and a plague of demonic cats are just a few of the problems facing the city when Portland’s supernatural peacekeeper goes missing. Left to fill the man’s shoes? His alcoholic nephew with a minor demonic possession problem—who hasn’t cast a spell in over a decade for fear of losing his soul. Adam Saint is anything but the man for the job. Fortunately, he’s got back up.
Vanessa Moreno is out of her depth, but there’s no way she’s leaving the fate of the city to a third-rate so-called sorcerer babbling about magic, demons, and other things that can’t possibly be real. As she descends into a terrifying supernatural world she never imagined could exist, in pursuit of a suspect claiming to be a harbinger of the literal apocalypse, she discovers that not only are these things real, they’re deadly serious—and knowing about them may exact a price she’s not ready to pay.
Because there are forces moving in Portland, ancient powers that have waited for millennia to stage a come back that will bathe the world in blood. If Adam and Vanessa are the only people standing between us and the end times? It might just be time to start praying. A lot.
These two may not even survive one another.

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