Night of the Wolf by William Crawford, Melissa Gayle

Night of the Wolf by William Crawford, Melissa Gayle
English | 2017 | Mystery & Suspense | ePUB | 397 KB

“He looked over at Jessie. She was spread eagle, out cold and bleeding again from her nose and mouth. Her jaw was dislocated. He placed his thumb in her mouth over her lower teeth and under her tongue. With his fingers cupping her chin, he gave a quick, hard pull. Her jaw snapped back into place, and she moaned in unconscious agony. ‘You’ll thank me later,’ he said aloud. ‘Or not.'”
Being beaten and kidnapped were not the activities wildlife biologist Jessica Baines had anticipated when she came to the popular Thunder Ridge ski resort to help Charlie Kimbrough, the local forest ranger, manage the havoc inflicted by an errant pack of wolves. How could she have known that what would confront her in the forest would not only threaten her life but also cause her to question everything she believed? What will she do? Will Charlie find her in time? Will either of them survive the Night of the Wolf?

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