Night Shelter by Gil Hogg

Night Shelter by Gil Hogg
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.6 MB

Everybody at Butchers’ Row in Southwark has something to hide… Described as ‘London noir’, Night Shelter, the 9th novel from thriller writer Gil Hogg, delves deep into the seedy underground world of drugs, prostitution and corruption in Britain’s capital. Jimmy Morton, a supervisor at the Night Shelter for the homeless, finds himself unwittingly involved in the murder of Eva, a local prostitute found in a tenement in Butchers’ Row. The director of the Night Shelter and his guest Arnold Catesby have had a boys’ night out, a drug-fuelled sex party at a nearby pub close to where Eva’s body was discovered. Cynical and self-protective CI Dan Hamish from the Yard finds that Eva was at the party, but believes that Catesby and his friends are too big to touch. As the group are interrogated one-by-one, they assure Hamish that they have solid ‘insurance’ – but will it pay off? Night Shelter is a fast-paced detective novel that encapsulates the gritty, sardonic nature of London’s underground crime network. This book will appeal to fans of Peter Ackroyd and Mark Billingham, as well as fans of Hogg’s previous titles.

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