No Anesthetic: A Splatter Ink Publishing Anthology

No Anesthetic: A Splatter Ink Publishing Anthology
English | 2021 | Horror | 503 KB

Is a great compelling story with extreme violence, gore, and content your cup of bloody tea?
If you answered yes, then strap in, because we have the anthology for you!

Splatter Ink Publishing presents No Anesthetic, a no-boundaries anthology compiled especially for extreme-horror-loving readers! We have gathered unique extreme horror stories from some of the best names in the genre. The stories in this book will twist your stomach up and make your brain squirm.

Hop aboard a school bus with a sociopathic teen. Find out what a frazzled wife is to do when her husband gets puking drunk at a dinner party. Venture into the jungles of Africa, where death and carnage await. Join a young couple for a night at the movies, where there are worse horrors than those on the screen.

These and more stories await you. But reader beware, you are in for some graphic, grisly, and gory stuff!

“Woodshed” by Ronald Kelly
“The Fixer Upper” by Eric Butler
“Sometimes the Bear” by Brian Rosenberger and John Boden
“Blut Und Ton” by Damascus Mincemeyer
“A Night at the Movies” by J.F. Capps
“Sebastian and the Jungle of Misery” by Scott Harper
“Glutton of the Sea” by Simon McHardy
“Painted Nails” by C.M. Saunders
“The Hate Box in her Heart” by Thomas R. Clark
“The Verdict” by A.M. Bacon

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