Noir by Nathan Squiers

Noir by Nathan Squiers (Crimson Shadow #3)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 575 KB

A new life begins…
As his eighteenth birthday approaches, the only thing that Xander Stryker wants is to not see it arrive. Unfortunately, against all odds, he continues to wake up each morning, forced to go on living and remembering…
Remembering the night that his abusive stepfather murdered his mother before his very eyes.
Instead of the death he craves, however, he finds himself thrown into the world of the mythos, of nonhuman creatures; a world that he’s apparently always been a part of. As he learns more about mythos and more about himself and his supernatural lineage, Xander is offered the ultimate choice:
Continue his life as-is or start anew as something better and stronger than he could ever hope to be.
For Xander, the choice is obvious.
Unfortunately, as he soon finds out, life as a mythos is just as unforgiving and brutal as life as a human. And when the horrors of his past creep out of the shadows and make themselves known in ways more terrible than he ever could have imagined, Xander’s self-destructive urges are eager to creep back, as well. Now, with an old rage and a new bloodlust fueling the start of a fresh legacy, Xander Stryker will set out to show old monsters what a new one is capable of.

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