Not Alone: The Awakening by Craig A. Falconer

Not Alone: The Awakening by Craig A. Falconer (Evolution Trilogy #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 507 KB

We were watching the sky. They were already here.
The pulse hits without warning
In one harrowingly destructive instant, a mysterious seismic pulse in the Scottish Highlands rips away all semblance of global security.
Complacency grew in the years since Dan McCarthy brought humanity into contact with intelligent aliens, but those days are gone.

When peace is shattered, fear takes over.
The stakes rise without mercy
As the pulse’s chaos spreads, it becomes painfully clear that Dan’s teenage daughter Piper — a child born like no other — might hold humanity’s only hope of averting total disaster.

The danger to Earth is imminent. The danger to Piper McCarthy hardly bears thinking about.
And this threat isn’t coming from the stars.
This time, it’s been here all along…

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