Not Her by Noah Fitz

Not Her by Noah Fitz
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 320 KB

The app tells kids to kill themselves… and they do it.
In a small town near Berlin, schoolkids are dying to fulfill a string of dangerous internet challenges. A pretty girl plunges off a bridge while posing for a picture. A young man electrocutes himself in front of an online audience.

Chief Inspector Marc Wulf, along with his new partner, Tine Stolz, discovers a dark truth behind the challenges: they are not random, and neither are the victims. Wulf and Stolz race to uncover the identity of the app developer before the next challenge drops… along with another body.

In this startling thriller, author Noah Fitz strikes at an internet generation driven by the need for constant stimulation, a lust for status, and the fear of not belonging. Just how far will kids go to fit in?

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