Numero zero by Umberto Eco (ePUB)

Numero zero by Umberto Eco
English | Mystery, Thriller, Italian Literature | EPUB | 3 Mb

A drafting raccogliticcia preparing a newspaper intended, rather than to information, to blackmail, to mud machine, low services to its publisher. An editor paranoid, wandering around a haunted Milan (or hallucinated for a normal Milan), traces the history of fifty years against the backdrop of a plan built around the sulfurous rotten corpse of a pseudo Mussolini. And in the shadows Gladio, the P2, the assassination of Pope Luciani, the coup of Junio ​​Valerio Borghese, the CIA, the terrorists red handled by private business offices, vent ‘years of massacres and false leads, a set of facts inexplicable that seem invented until a BBC does not prove that they are true, or at least they are now confessed by their authors. And then a body that comes in suddenly in the closest and infamous street in Milan. Slender love story between two protagonists losers by nature, a ghost writer failed and disturbing that a girl to help the family has dropped out of college and has specialized in the gossip of affectionate friendships, but still crying on the second movement of the Seventh Beethoven.
A perfect manual for bad journalism that the reader does not know whether gradually invented or merely repeated live. A story that takes place in 1992 in which foreshadow many mysteries and follies of the next two decades, even as the two protagonists think that the nightmare is over. A bitter and grotesque story that takes place in Europe since the end of the war to the present day.

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