Objects in the Mirror by Nicolò Govoni

Objects in the Mirror by Nicolò Govoni
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 241 KB

Nil, the heir to India’s largest corporation, dreams of justice; Ferang, a white volunteer with a hero complex, is battling the truth; and Mel, a biracial girl dealing with childhood trauma, struggles to find her identity.
Pushed into marriage by his powerful family, Nil fights to unveil the truth about the Water Mafia that controls the city. In doing so, he has to face the truth about his own family, and himself.

Addicted equally to drugs and doing the right thing, the trio walks through shadows and darkness, talking to the reflections of their own selves, breaking their own morality while saving the world from the immorality of others. Why do good? For love? For the world? For ourselves?
When the investigation opens their eyes to the lies the entire city is built upon, they are faced with the hardest choice: preserve the status quo or pursue justice and love, and destroy everything they have ever known.

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