On the Outside by Kerry J Donovan

On the Outside by Kerry J Donovan (Ryan Kaine #9)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Ryan Kaine is on the outside…
When the neo-fascist group The Doomsday Creed kidnap Sabrina Faroukh, Ryan Kaine gets the call.
Sabrina was the IT expert who helped Kaine in his early days and as the granddaughter of an influential arms dealer, her life has more value than most to the terrorists.

In the Arizona wilderness, up against a fanatical group hell-bent on creating a dirty bomb, Kaine needs more than luck to rescue Sabrina. And he could do without the trigger-happy local law enforcement speeding to the scene.
With so many lives riding on a successful outcome, Kaine is at his limit, when things take a desperate turn for the worst.

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