One Last Kill by Spenser Warren

One Last Kill by Spenser Warren (Callahan Boyle #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 392

An anger-fueled hit man wants to escape his criminal life. The last hit he’s asked to perform goes horribly wrong. Now the lives of those closest to him are in jeopardy.

When hit man Callahan “Cal” Boyle becomes disillusioned with his life as a killer, he asks his adoptive father and Chicago mafia boss, Alfredo Petrocelli, for a one-way ticket out of the mob. But first, Alfredo has one last kill for Cal to execute: the death of Chicago Mayor Ross Caruso. What Caruso knows has the potential to not only leave the Chicago mafia in ruins, but result in Cal and Alfredo’s deaths. After other parties try to intervene on Cal’s hit attempt on the mayor, the conclusion is nothing short of life altering. With everyone wanting him dead, will Cal be able to save himself and his loved ones and escape the mafia forever?

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