One Night in Mississippi by Craig Shreve (ePUB)

One Night in Mississippi by Craig Shreve
English | Historical Mystery | EPUB | 1.3 Mb

After fifty years of guilt over his brother s brutal murder in Civil Rights era Mississippi, Warren Williams decides to renews his fight to bring the men responsible to justice. His efforts put him face -to- face with one of the murderers, Earl Olsen, in a remote Ontario town, where a contest of wits will end in death.
"One Night in Mississippi" is the story of a young activist named Graden Williams, who was brutally murdered in Mississippi during the sixties. After the perpetrators were charged but quickly released, Graden s brother, Warren, drifted aimlessly for decades, estranged from the rest of his family and struggling with guilt over his brother s death. But when the U.S. Justice Department begins re-opening cases like Graden s more than forty years later, he dedicates himself to bringing Graden s killers to justice.
A phoned-in tip after a television appearance leads Warren to a remote town in northern Ontario, where he meets Earl Olsen, the only murderer still at large, who turns out to be very different than what Warren had expected."

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