Op File Revenge by J. Clifton Slater

Op File Revenge by J. Clifton Slater
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 275 KB

Smart. Skilled. Dangerous.
Some of the words used to describe Master Sergeant Diosa Alberich of the Galactic Council Marine Corps. Her call sign: Warlock.
As one of the toughest and most-accomplished Striker Team Leaders in the Corps, Warlock has had her share of victories…and failures. And now, with her old team in shambles, she moves on to advanced Phase V training and a new team, ready and anxious for action. But right out of the gate things go wrong. Pirates have attacked a tramp steamer mother-ship, something they should have no interest in. But these guys are determined, and along the way Warlock is injured. An event that will change her life forever.

Now equipped with a sophisticated, neural-linked bionic eye, the device is more than just a way to see. It’s the most-advanced sensor array around, giving Warlock seemingly super-human abilities. And in her line of work, super abilities always come in handy.
But when the powers-that-be decide Warlock is a risk, more than an advantage, she finds herself fighting not only the enemy, but her own people, determined to keep this new super-weapon under their ultimate control. Despite the forces allied against her, Warlock follows a higher calling, and sets out to save one of the most vital assets the Realm has against the Empress and her deadly forces…if it doesn’t kill her in the process.

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