Overdose by Rada Jones, MD

Overdose by Rada Jones, MD (ER Crimes: The Steele Files #1)
English | 2019 | Thriller & Crime | ePUB | 320 KB

Dr. Emma Steele is baffled when she finds herself dressed in mental health blues, tied to a stretcher, in her own ER.

She was hunting for a killer. She found him. Just as he found her. He planted evidence accusing her of his crimes. She’s innocent, so she’ll be free soon. She has friends who’ll help. Twice wrong. Things can’t get any worse. They do.
Her challenges: A community decimated by the raging opioid epidemic. A charming psychopath dealing in drugs and sex. A daughter who hates her. An ex who doesn’t. Blood, guts, and death. Betrayal. And wine.

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