Overkill by Lawrie Jordan

Overkill by Lawrie Jordan
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 224 KB

An Action-Packed Thriller With A Striking Twist In Its Tail!
What did a gang of lawless white supremacists get up to at Uluru in outback Australia?
Whatever it was, a powerful shapeshifting aboriginal Shaman is coming for them, armed with Australia’s largest and most venomous snakes!
His revenge will be swift. Their deaths will be savage. Their plot must be stopped, or indigenous Australia will be dragged back 200 years!

The Feds’ only hope is a gun-barrel-straight outback detective who must face his fears and suspend disbelief as he and a sexy snake expert race against time to find out who the mysterious ‘Benefactor’ is and why the world’s deadliest serpents have started killing neo Nazis, one by one by one!
From Ayers Rock to Tasmania, Perth to Brisbane, this supernatural crime thriller will grab you from beginning to end.
If you’re scared of snakes, read it with a light on.

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