Pacchi Festival by Nikita Thorn

Pacchi Festival by Nikita Thorn (Bushido Online #4)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 646 KB

The wait is over! Welcome to the Pacchi Festival!
As Shinshioka launches into the much-awaited week-long event, Seiki and his friends race to solve the mystery of the recent treasures from the Shussebora Cave. Having gone against what appears to be the most powerful clan in the game, they now try their best to balance progression with just the right amount of politics to keep everyone out of trouble. However, amid the dazzling allure of the activity-filled Festival, with its own promise of lucrative rewards, danger lurks in many forms—from rare monsters to new enemies, to the disturbing reappearance of the masked stalker who seems to haunt Seiki’s every step.

Is the ronin the only person who can see it? Who is the figure behind the white mask and what do they want? What challenges will the Festival bring, and what other secrets will Seiki and his friends stumble upon before the echoes of the final fireworks fade away?

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