Patriot Lies by Scott Blade

Patriot Lies by Scott Blade (Jack Widow #14)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Someone executed a forgotten veteran and is trying to cover it up.
Jack Widow wants to know why.
International bestselling author Scott Blade weaves a masterful plot of action-packed thrills that pits the homeless sleuth, Widow up against an unseen enemy in Patriot Lies.
Jack Widow passes through DC.
It’s not a place he wants to be.

Hanging out, reading the morning paper, he learns about a homeless vet found burned alive on a park bench.
The article claims that there’s no known family.
No known relatives.
No one’s expected to attend the vet’s wake or funeral.
Widow is compelled to show.

At the service, he’s not alone.
A lawyer shows up looking for any family that may turn out.
The lawyer claims there’s a sizable inheritance – a stock portfolio worth fifty million dollars.
What’s a homeless vet doing with that kind of secret money?

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