Perfect Place by Robbie Peale

Perfect Place by Robbie Peale (A Liars Island Suspense #14)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 425 KB

She never dreamed the unimaginable would happen.
For Cora Kincaid, life on Perfect Place Lane is… well… perfect.
But when her eight-year-old daughter doesn’t come home from school, Cora’s gut tells her something is wrong. Her shy child wouldn’t wander away. Was Eleanor kidnapped? If so, by whom?

The Liars Island mom’s group believe human traffickers are driving the island looking to abduct children. But Cora thinks their warnings overdramatic.
Then the police compile a list of possibilities and Cora realizes their lives aren’t so perfect after all. That Cora has more to fear than she realized. Even her neighbors are keeping dark secrets.
The clock is ticking. Will they find Eleanor before it’s too late?

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