Point of Passage by David McQuinn

Point of Passage by David McQuinn
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 438 KB

Our two worlds exist simultaneously just separated by some few seconds of time. We share the same physical space but we are invisible to each other because of the space created by time. Many years ago we were closer and most of the world knows it. We all remember the story of the staffs being thrown down in Pharaoh’s court and they became serpents. The worlds were closer together then and there was a source to that mystical world that could be tapped into by real magic. The sorcerers knew secrets given through the ages by the ancient mystics. They had ways to reach into the other world that was the source of deep magic. That world still exists and so does the deep magic.
Time. There was a point in time when a catastrophic event occurred and our world came to a brief halt. It stopped in its orbit and it stopped spinning ever so briefly but enough so that the world of deep magic skidded past in time just enough that all was separated. . .except at The Point of Passage.
No so very long ago, Effov, King of Men entered into our world bringing with him the history of that unseen world of men, druids, dwarfs, elves along with the Bracelet of Power. Living in eastern USA,
Effov married, had children and his children had children. The Bracelet of Power has been gone way too long. Effov’s great grandson, Jonathon, is given the history of that world along with the Bracelet of Power and must make the decision to enter that unseen magical world or to deny that Kingship and remain in our world; the world in which he was born. Evil is triumphing in the unseen world because the Bracelet of Power is no longer in the kingdom and the dark world of the Stygian is closing in on those of the Bright Lands.
He must go!

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