Poison Orchids by Sarah A. Denzil, Anni Taylor

Poison Orchids by Sarah A. Denzil, Anni Taylor
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.7 MB

A dark, compelling new thriller from bestselling authors Sarah A. Denzil and Anni Taylor
Young backpackers Gemma and Hayley arrive at a remote mango farm, out of money and desperate for work. The farm’s owner, Tate Llewellyn, welcomes them in with open arms. An enigmatic, wealthy chemist, Tate spends his days running his hobby farm and cultivating rare orchids in his greenhouse.

The weeks go on, a blur of fruit-picking with the other international backpackers, parties, campfires and wading beneath waterfalls in the nearby hot springs. Tate calls the girls his orchids…his pretty orchids….
Until the night the girls find themselves on a dark highway, bruised and bloodied.

How did paradise turn so ugly?
Senior Detective Bronwen McKay and psychologist Megan Arlotti question the terrified girls. But Hayley and Gemma are telling two very different stories of what happened to them over the past three months.
Which story is the truth and what are the girls covering up?

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