Port City Crossfire by Gerry Boyle

Port City Crossfire by Gerry Boyle
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 700 KB

Decried as a murderer and trigger-happy cop, rookie Officer Brandon Blake is beset by doubt and guilt over shooting and killing a sixteen-year-old armed with a pellet gun and a GoPro camera. Suspended, he distracts himself with a side-investigation of a troubled young couple.

Danni kept a diary in high-school, detailing her crushes, love affairs, pregnancy, and a single event that has haunted her to this day. With the diary lost, she’s resigned to her secret. But her world is up-ended when Blake finds the diary and attempts to return it only to be stopped short by Dani’s jealousy-prone boyfriend, Clutch. Dani pursues Blake to retrieve her diary containing a secret that could demand her life.Dogged by a woman with a jealous boyfriend and a strange secret, hunted by the press and angry, grieving parents with a secret of their own, Brandon Blake must solve both mysteries before he loses more than just his job.

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