Prime Suspect by Cole Baxter

Prime Suspect by Cole Baxter
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 342 KB

An abused wife. A horrific fire that wasn’t an accident. A determined private eye. And a mystery that leads where they least expect it…
When Laurie Whitman’s husband Devon chokes her during a violent intimate encounter, she goes on the run to save her life.
Then Devon’s death in a horrifying fire brings her back and her story makes her a celebrity and spokeswoman for those women in similar positions.

But when it’s discovered that the fire was arson, she becomes the prime suspect and the focus of former detective turned private investigator Blake Gramercy’s scrutiny.
After a confrontation between them leads to them being shot at by a mysterious figure, the two must join forces to uncover the truth and seek justice while fighting for their own lives.

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