Private Faces by Marianne Gage (ePUB, MOBI)

Private Faces by Marianne Gage
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.7 MB

One woman, one husband, seven potential mistresses…
Natalie Newbury is an artist. Among the hundreds of portraits she has painted, there are seven very special subjects who have captured her heart.
Spanning the decades, these women remain firmly in Natalie’s life.
Through them and their portraits, Natalie knows these seven women better than anyone. As is usually the way with true friendships she can go years without seeing them, but she knows that they will always be in her life.
Tonight is Natalie’s big night, recently returning home to the San Francisco Bay Area from France, she is having her first solo art exhibition at a Sutter Street gallery, and she hopes that all seven women will find a way to be with her, the same way she has always been there for them on their momentous and defining moments.
Before the show starts, Natalie finds an unsigned note that reveals one of her closest friends has been having an affair with Natalie’s seemingly-faithful husband, Ben.
Devastated yet determined, Natalie’s night takes a dramatic turn as she tries to decipher who the culprit is by re-living the years of her marriage and her husband’s connection to each of her friends.

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