Project Terra by S.J. Woods

Project Terra by S.J. Woods
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 368 KB

Dane Alexander, a young soldier from the isolated mega-power Apatia, is proud to be selected to join an elite secret operation.In an age of artificial intelligence and technological advancements, he is excited to explore the forbidden wilderness of Apatia and test his own limits in physical strength and perseverance. The tensions between Apatia and overseas Latheia have been rising since Apatia was the victim of biological terrorism 30 years previously, leaving the whole country infertile. Apatia closed its borders after the horrific attack but Latheia have made several fresh attempts to attack. The operation Dane is selected to join is Apatia’s defensive strategy, falling back on primitive survival and fighting techniques to protect the country from the threat of invasion and a complete cyber takeover.Teonie Perez, Dane’s friend, tech genius and member of the Intelligence branch of the Apatian Military Service, is involved in a highly classified project to build an anti-tech forcefield. She uncovers secret documents that tell of Dane and Gia, Teonie’s cousin’s shared family tragedies. They flee into the wilderness with their families, attempting to escape to the nearby island of De Sierto, an island that is protected by the tech-shield that Teonie has been tasked with replicating for her country, pursued by the same highly trained team they were once a part of.

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