Rancour by Emmy Ellis

Rancour by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate #7)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 500 KB

George Wilkes has received a letter from beyond the grave. Greg, his twin, has justice on his mind and a thirst for murder, needing someone to blame for the treatment their mother endured.
The past is revealed with Dolly as the main star, a woman who’s swept up in a dangerous man’s world, forced to do terrible things, all while keeping them a secret.

The twins search for clues regarding their mother’s life and stumble upon a story that leaves them wondering whether they ever knew her at all. Then another problem is thrown into the mix, and they have to find a man who reminds them of someone…someone they killed long ago.
Can they keep their mother’s secret to themselves?

Or should they tell Debbie, the owner of The Angel, what they’ve discovered?
And why do they need to visit Leona Cardigan and find an item from years gone by?
The Cardigan Estate, a place where nothing runs smoothly and brothers with a penchant for bloodshed rule theroost. Come for a walk in the past, where all will be revealed…

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